General Information

School Times  -  The school day commences at 8:25 am and ends at 2:25 pm.  Morning break is 10:30 am  -  11 am. Lunch is 12:30pm  -  1:15 pm. Eating is from 12.30-12.45  to ensure that lunches are eaten. Children are to remain seated while eating their lunch. 

Children need to arrive in class promptly for initial information on class activities and schedules that they may otherwise miss which causes disruption not just to the teacher but to the whole class.

Stationery  -  The school has stationery to purchase exercise books, pens, pencils etc. at reasonable competitive prices throughout the year.  A note will be sent home with the children when necessary replacements are required. 

The school also provides A4 photocopying at .20c per B&W copy and .30c colour copy; and laminating A4 size $1.50 A3 size $2.50.    Phone the school beforehand to check when the best time is to come down.  Laminating can be picked up the following day.

Money - If your child needs to bring money to school please put it in a named envelope and get them to hand it into the office when they arrive at school.

Chromebooks - 1-1 devices for students from year 4-6 -  Today's children like to be creative, having choice about what they learn and when. They like sight, sound and motion. They enjoy being able to work collaboratively with others in class, school and the world. Chromebooks will make it possible for our students  to communicate, collaborate and access learning  at any time even beyond the school day.

There are no school fees.   However the fundraising group organise activities to raise funds to help with school trips/camps, performers coming to the school, raffle donations/selling of tickets, food donations for hangi, stalls etc. 

Attendance  -  Children are required by law to keep regular attendance at school.   When children are absent, for whatever reason, the school must be notified by parents/caregivers with reason as to why they are absent, the sooner the better preferably by 9:30am on the day of absence or sooner if possible. On our school website we have under Contact us a Report absent form that you can fill in .  In cases of frequent absence the support agencies may be asked to provide assistance to the school.  You can also report an absence on the school loop app.

Absences Roll  -  Each day absences are recorded.  If the school has not received a phone call regarding a child’s absence the parents are then text or emailed.  Every endeavour is made to contact parents for the safety of your children.

Weekly Events - Every Tuesday is Toys day. This is the only day that children are allowed to bring a toy to school. We suggest that it is not  their favourite or expensive toy that they bring. Teachers are not responsible if things get lost.

Every Wednesday is Wheels day. Children are encouraged to bring along bikes, scooters or skateboards to school. They must come with safety gear if needed. There are bike helmets at school for every child to use.

Homework  -  Children are encouraged to do some study, so long as it is within the scope of their ability.  Many children are given supplementary reading material to be read at home.  The suggested maximum time for home study for any child is 20 - 30 minutes per school day.    Please contact your child’s teacher if you are unsure of what is expected of your child. 

NOTE:  No child is forced to do homework of any kind.    It is also very important that children have the opportunity to pursue their extra-curricular activities and interests, and help out at home.  For your information each classroom teacher has set out expectations for their class.

Pre-School Visits Just a reminder that 4 year olds who intend coming to Ohaeawai School are encouraged to visit each Friday morning where they take part in New Entrant activities.  We have found that this certainly gives the children a good start to their schooling.  Please phone Ohaeawai school if you or anyone you know may be interested in this programme.

Smoking Policy  -  The school grounds and buildings are totally smoke free at all times. 

Reports and 3 Way Conferences  -    We welcome parent/caregiver co-operation and contact as this is beneficial to both teachers and children in their progress through school - but would parents/caregivers please note that it is important to speak to the teachers outside class hours and at a time convenient to the teacher thus keeping class disruption to a minimum.  Written reports will be issued twice during the year.  Specific dates are advertised in the weekly newsletter for conferences.

School Newsletter -  We have a weekly school newsletter that goes out on a Thursday afternoon.  This is also shared on our school Facebook page and Skool Loop App.

Voluntary Classroom Helpers  - A booklet of guidelines is available to those who are interested in helping in the classroom.  Please contact the classroom teacher (as a courtesy) prior to visiting the classroom either as a helper or an observer. 

Naming Clothes - All articles of clothing, lunchboxes equipment etc must be clearly named. UNCLAIMED PROPERTY (e.g. watches, small toys, jewellery):  Maureen has a small container of these items  -  if you lose any small items near/around the school grounds, check with Maureen -   children do hand these items in -  you never know it could be yours!!

Junior Readers  -  When children start bringing reading books home we would be grateful if you would see that they are replaced in their book bags.  These protect the books from any mishaps that may occur. All reading books need to be returned to school at the end of each term.

Library Books  -  The children are encouraged to take home library books.  They are expected to exchange these once a week, certainly once a fortnight.  All library books need to be returned to school at the end of each term for stocktaking.  If children have lost any library books an account with the cost of the book will be sent home to parents for replacement.

Class Trips  -  At various times during the year class trips of an educational nature take place traveling by bus or car. Parents/caregivers are always informed by newsletter or note.  Clear details of the trip are given.  Permission for these day trips is covered by signing on page 2 of the enrolment form.  NOTE: Overnight trips need more information therefore permission and medical  forms along with other necessary forms are sent home with each child.

Swimming  -  Swimming is part of the school curriculum as laid down by the Ministry of Education and is taught in all classes. Parents/caregivers should ensure that their children have their swimming gear at school every day and that it is clearly named.  If your child is not to take part in this activity for medical reasons this must be confirmed by note or medical certificate.

Health & Physical Education  -  Health and Physical Education are part of the school curriculum and take place regularly for all children.  It is advisable suitable clothing and footwear be brought to school for this purpose.

Asthma / Allergies  -  If your child is an asthmatic or is allergic to wasp or bee stings or has any other form of allergy  please inform the school giving details of treatment required and/or medicines to keep on hand if necessary.  An asthma action plan is provided for parents to fill out, this will be kept on hand in the office and sick bay.

Dental Therapists are based in Kaikohe.   If your child needs to see a dental therapist please contact 0800 698 3384 

Sick Bay is opposite the office  -  Panadol is given for headaches, toothaches, earaches etc (if parents have consented on enrolment form). Parents will be phoned and asked to come and collect your child if your child - is or has been vomiting; - has the following 3 symptoms- sore throat, headache and stomach ache; or needs to be taken to the doctor. 

Please ensure all open sores/cuts are dealt with and covered BEFORE they come to school to prevent further infection.

Netball /  Hockey & other Sports in the winter season - Volunteers organise Saturday netball and hockey teams.  There are also Ohaeawai rugby teams and soccer teams in Kaikohe.  -  Keep an eye out for notices regarding Saturday sports in the school newsletter nearer to the season.

SCHOOL BUSES / WALKERS / CYCLISTS - One bus brings children from Waimate North and Te Ahu Ahu arriving at approximately 8:00am and another bus brings children from Kaikohe via Ngawha Springs and arrives approximately at 8:15am.   Kaikohe Bus Co.  09 4010193

There are parking restriction signs on Tennyson Street during bus pick up and drop off times which are 8.00 - 8.45 am and  2.00 - 3.00 pm.  Please park on the vacant lot opposite.  

At the end of the school day there are two buses:

First Bus:  Bus children for the first bus (Waimate North route) are to line up at the gate as soon as their teacher lets them out of class (2:20/2:25).  The teacher on duty will check the children off the bus list.

Walkers and Cyclists:  The children walking/cycling home need to line up at the gate and must wait for the duty teacher to check them off the list. The duty teacher will walk with and supervise those children who need to cross the main road at the pedestrian crossing to get home.

Second Bus:  Another bell will go at approx 2:45pm for those children that catch the Kaikohe bus.  The duty teacher will check them off as they get on the bus. Children are under school control whilst on the official school bus.

PLEASE NOTE:  Parents if you have made other arrangements for your children at home time please let the school know, preferably before 1:30pm so Maureen can pass the message on to the duty teacher and/or children if necessary. 

Travel Safety on the Bus

1) Sit properly on your seat and stay there.

2) Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

3) Talk quietly.  Loud noise in a bus is very dangerous.

4) Do not eat or drink on the bus.

5) Do what the bus monitors ask you to do.

6) Do not walk to the bus door until the bus has stopped moving.

7) If you have to cross the road after getting off the bus, wait until the bus is well down the road before you cross.  (Count to twenty slowly, make sure there is no traffic then cross.)

8) If you are having problems on the bus and the bus monitors can not help you,  tell your teacher or Mrs Edwards as soon as possible.

Safety for Walkers

1) We line up at the gate straight after the last bell.

2) We wait quietly inside the gate until the first bus has gone

3) We answer when the duty teacher calls our name.

4) We follow the duty teacher.

5) We stop and wait until the duty teacher tells us the road is clear and we can cross.

6) We go straight to our own home.

7) We never go to anyone else’s home unless we have our parents permission.

Helmet Policy for Cyclists - All children cycling to and from Ohaeawai School when open for instruction must wear an approved safety cycle helmet.

Zero Waste

At Ohaeawai School we request that all students take back home their morning tea and lunch rubbish.  Many students bring food in compartment lunchboxes or use lunch wrap paper.  Our classrooms have a paper bin, shredded paper tray, re-use paper tray and bits and bobs bin. These bins are sorted by our school recycling monitors.  We are an Enviroschool award winning school.  Our school recycling monitors also hand out Zero Waste slips and  certificates at assemblies to encourage Zero Waste lunchboxes.