Oscar Programme

After School Programme (OSCAR)

Starts at 3:00pm and finishes at 5:30pm Monday to Friday term time only

Emergency Mobile contact 094059812 (Oscar extension) 

AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMME is a non-profit, self supporting, Out of School Care And Recreation programme.  It is managed by Ohaeawai School Board of Trustees.  After School is based in a school building and uses other resources where appropriate.

It is the goal of OSCAR to provide quality, safe, accessible and affordable child care and recreational opportunities for the Ohaeawai School community.  The programme is designed to be stimulating, fun and provide informal social interaction. The programme aims to create a “home away from home” environment with an emphasis on choice.  Children are encouraged to make choices in there leisure time from a range of structured and informal activities with opportunities for both individual and group games and projects.

What do we do?

Every afternoon a roll is taken to ensure that all children booked in are present.  Afternoon tea is provided and then children are free to choose from a range of activities.

Outside time, Reading,  Sports,  Homework,  Crafts,  Blocks,  Lego,  Opportunity to make things,  Baking,  Video (winter time),  Board games,  Free choice,  Swimming (summer only),  and much more!!

How Much?

1 child attending $10.00 per child per day

2 children attending $9.00 per child per day

3 or more children attending $8.00 per child per day

Payment is to be made to the school office weekly, in advance.   Children must be booked in ahead of time.  If your child will not be attending on a specific day please notify the school by sending a note or phoning the school. 

Sign Out Sheets  -  (kept by exit door)

You may collect your children any time before 5:30pm.  We require parents/caregivers to sign out children when they collect them to ensure safety.  If your child is going to be collected by someone else, please advise us!

There is an agreement form to fill out along with names of adults who are to pick up the children, phone numbers etc.   For more information contact the Principal.

There is a late fee of .50c per minute per child after 5:30pm.    This is strictly enforced.