Behaviour Management

Ohaeawai School Behaviour Management Plan

All children are expected to “Be the Best They Can Be” paying particular attention to the values on the school ladder.

They will always be:







When these values are not followed with the appropriate actions certain consequences will follow:

1. The Thinking Space operates from 12:00pm – 12:30pm Monday – Friday. Children go to the Thinking Space room at 12 o’clock where they sit or do work until 12:30pm. At 12:30 they are released to play.

2. Children are supervised in the Thinking Space room by a teacher as they reflect on their actions and how they have affected themselves and others in the school. During this time they also practise their spelling and basic facts.

3. Incidences requiring children to go to the Thinking Space room are recorded in a document.

4. Parents are contacted by either the class teacher or the Principal if the behaviour continues.

5. The principal will follow a separate process for severe incidents which happen at school.